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Why attend a job fair?

  • To speak one-on-one with employers
  • To find out about potential job opportunities
  • To find out what skills, education and experience employers are looking for
  • To give employers a chance to meet you in person, so they may remember you when they are recruiting

A job fair is a great opportunity to network with potential employers, find out about job opportunities, and improve your interview skills. You can also gather information about organizations you may be interested in working for.

Job fairs can be held by one individual company or industry seeking to hire new employees or they can be large events with multiple employers.

The following sources provide more information about attending job fairs:

Finding Job Fairs in BC

You can find out about upcoming local job fairs through newspaper and trade magazine advertisements, social media, employment service agencies, and professional associations.

Local Newspapers

Many newspapers advertise job fairs in your community. You can look at the Vancouver Sun & The Province at the Vancouver Public Library for free. Or browse other local & community newspapers such as: Metro, 24 Hours, Vancouver Courier, Canadian Immigrant, etc.

Employment Service Organizations

The resources below are hosted by immigrant and employment service agencies. They are updated on a regular basis and provide lists of upcoming job fairs around Metro Vancouver.

  • Weekly Employment & Settlement Events, ISSBC
    Sign up to receive weekly list of events, including job fairs, through Facebook
    • You can also sign up to receive notifications of events through Twitter.

Professional Associations

Associations host industry-specific fairs in order to promote job opportunities in their sector. Examples of local associations who have recently held hiring fairs include:

      • BC Construction Association
      • BC Technology Industry Association
      • go2HR [Tourism]

Listings of local professional associations can be found through the following sites. Contact them to find out if they are holding upcoming events:

  • Associations Canada
    Available at VPL Central Branch, 060 A84

Finding Job Fairs Before You Come to Canada


If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada while living in your home country, remember:

  • many employers who hire foreign workers may already be actively recruiting in your country

To find job fairs before coming to Canada:

  • search for any industry associations in your area that may host job fairs or trade shows that include Canadian businesses
  • check with universities that have degree programs in your industry to see if they host career fairs that include Canadian companies

Additional Resources

Still looking for more information? Try looking at the following resources: