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Government Job Search Websites


Searching for a job has gone electronic. Governments across Canada have produced websites with resources to help you find a job. These websites contain a lot of information beyond job listings. You can find information about career exploration and the job market to help you make decisions about education and training, where to look for a job, and even where to live.

You will get the most value from these websites if you take time to explore and learn all that they have to offer. Once you become familiar searching these websites, you will become faster and more efficient at using them to their full potential.

Featured Websites

Source: Job Bank Canada

Welcome BC

Introduction can help you take your first steps when moving to BC: getting settled; finding employment; joining your community; and contributing to the social and economic prosperity of B.C.

WelcomeBC can help you find the information, tools and resources you need. It also provides links to useful resources for community leaders and service providers as they help new members of their communities.

Source: About WelcomeBC

Website Features

The website is divided into four categories:

Live Finding services; Daily life in BC; Learning English

  • This section is helpful for getting settled in BC. There is a ‘Things to Do’ list for your first few days, what to do if you have an emergency, finding a place to live, resources for learning English, and more.

ImmigrateImmigrate to BC; Work in BC; Study in BC, Visit BC; Already here?

  • This section provides information about work permits, applying for immigration, becoming a permanent resident, and other programs.

Work – Find a job; Qualifications, Labour market information; Employment

  • This section focuses on finding employment. Includes information on assessing your qualifications, the local job market, understanding work rules in BC, and more.

#WelcomeBC – Shared success stories and twitter page

  • This section can help you to connect with other people and programs. Lets you share success stories and tweets from newcomers and program providers.

Highlights / Hidden Gems

Features on the Welcome BC website include:



WorkBC is the British Columbia government’s employment initiative to help you with your job search needs. It supports both people looking for work as well as employers looking for people to hire.

The WorkBC initiative includes physical Employment Centres throughout the province as well as the WorkBC website.

The website is extensive, and includes many features and a variety of helpful resources. It may take time to learn to use this website and explore all that it has to offer.

Website Features

The website is divided into three categories:

Job Seekers – Find a job; Explore careers and industries; Skills & Training; Build your career; Employment Services

  • This section is for people looking for a job or a career change.
    There are more than 12,000 job postings and many career and job planning assessment tools.

Employers – Post a job; Start your business; Find talent; Run your businesses

  • Includes information on starting a business in BC. Also lets employers post job openings and learn about government programs.

Statistics – People & the economy; Regional statistics; Labour market; Jobs in demand; Reports

  • Includes information about the BC labour market, regions of the province, top occupations, and other reports that are helpful to both job seekers and employers.

Highlights / Hidden Gems

Features on the WorkBC website include:

Job Bank


Job Bank is a federal government resource that provides information on job opportunities across Canada. This website includes career information, job descriptions, education and skills requirements, wages, and outlooks for Canada and by province, region, and city.

There are also links to the Government of Canada websites and the provincial and territories government websites.

Website Features

The website is divided into four categories:

Job Search – Job alerts; Job match; Top advertised jobs; Job search safety tips

  • Search for more than 108,000 jobs across Canada by job title and/or location. You also have the option to subscribe to job alerts. Job Match allows you to be matched to prospective employers based on your respective needs and profiles.

Explore Careers – Occupation; Education; Skills and knowledge; Wages, Outlook; Career Tool

  • This section helps you explore careers by occupation, education programs, wage, and employment outlook. You can also complete a skills & knowledge checklist. Career Tool helps you learn about what fields of study are in demand.

Employers – Post a job; Employer resources

  • This section is focused on employer needs. Information posting jobs, human resources management, government programs, and labour market research.

Job Market Trends – Job market news; unemployment & wage statistics

This section provides the job market news and statistics by Canadian regions. You can search by location or industry.

Highlights / Hidden Gems

Features on the Job Bank website include:

New to BC


New to BC is a website developed by 10 public library systems in Metro Vancouver. It provides centralized access to the many resources, services and programs available to BC newcomers.

Libraries are often one of the first places that newcomers to BC visit. This website shows how libraries can assist you with settlement and integration into your community.

Website Features

The website is divided into three categories:

Libraries – Information and services

  • This section helps you find a library close to you and which branches have items in your language. You can also find out about library programs for settlement, job searching and other topics.

Newcomers – Resources and services

  • This section helps you find immigrant services in your area, English learning tools and other helpful resources.

Library Champions

  • The Library Champions program helps you gain Canadian work experience by using your immigration experience, language skills and cultural knowledge to introduce other newcomers to the wealth of resources available at B.C.’s public libraries.

Highlights / Hidden Gems

Features on the New to BC website include: