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What is a credential evaluation?


As a newcomer, you may require a credential evaluation to have your education or work experience recognized in British Columbia.

There are two types of occupations in British Columbia: regulated and non-regulated:

  • Regulated: Credential evaluation is required. It is usually completed by a regulatory body.
  • Non-Regulated: Credential evaluation generally not mandatory. However, employers may require proof that your educational credentials obtained outside of Canada are equivalent to Canadian standards.

Credential evaluations are completed by licensing organizations that look at your degree from another country and compare it with similar programs in Canada.

Completing a credential evaluation is the first step in getting your qualifications validated in Canada. The completed evaluation is then sent to the regulatory body for your profession so you can begin the process of being recognised by as a qualified professional.

You can also use the credential evaluation to apply to post-secondary institutions for advanced degree or professional certification programs.

Some employers may also request a credential evaluation before hiring to confirm your education meets the requirements for the position.

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What is a regulatory body?

A regulatory body is an organisation that makes sure all people working in that industry or profession meet entry requirements and education or experience standards.

Regulatory bodies:

  • provide certification, registration or licensing for qualified workers
  • can discipline members that do not meet the requirements for the profession
  • in general they are in place to protect the public as well as their members

Some professions and trades are not regulated by law, but may have voluntary professional bodies.

Some voluntary bodies provide certification courses and registration, which may help you to get work. However, membership in these organizations is not mandatory.

Who is the regulatory body for my profession?

The resources below help you determine if your profession or trade is regulated and provide contact information for the appropriate regulatory body.

How do I apply to a regulatory body?

If your profession has a regulatory body, it can take many months to complete the application process. You may be required to take professional and language examinations, provide a review of your qualifications, and complete supervised work experience for a set amount of time.


It helps to be organized! Check with the regulatory body to make sure you collect the correct documents before applying.

The websites below provide information on how to apply:

Where can I get my credentials evaluated?

If your profession is non-regulated, it is still a good idea to have your credentials assessed and recognized. This will help employers better understand your qualifications.