Preparing for your Job Search

Credential Evaluation
Learn how to find licensing organizations that look at your degree from another country and compare it with similar programs in Canada.

Finding Apprenticeship Opportunities
To become an apprentice it is up to you to find an employer or sponsor willing to train you. This guide will help you get started on finding companies that may be willing to train you.

Finding Companies That Hire Immigrants
Learn about the challenges facing immigrants who want to work in Canada and how to overcome them.

Finding Jobs During COVID-19
Recommends resources to help you find employment during the pandemic.

Government Job Search Websites
Learn about job search resources provided by Canadian national and provincial governments.

Higher Level ESL Programs: Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island
Find out where higher-level English classes are taught, how long the courses are, and how much they cost.

Job Search Databases
Access job search information that may not be freely available on the internet.

Learning About Skilled Occupations
Learn how to research skilled occupations if there is no guide for your industry.

Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Resources
Find library and internet resources to help to create your resume and cover letter.

Transferable Skills
Find out how to use your existing skills in a new occupation.

What is NOC?
The NOC is used to help people compile, analyse and communicate information about occupations. It can help you understand the jobs found throughout Canada’s labour market.

Writing Resumes and Cover Letters
Find out what a Canadian resume and cover letter should look like.

Getting Canadian Work Experience
Find opportunities to build relationships and contribute to one’s new community.

Internships & Mentorships
Find out how to locate internships and mentorships.

Job Fairs
Find out why to attend and how to locate job fairs.

Looking for a Job as a Young Worker
Learn how to find work as a young worker.

Looking for a Job as an Older Worker
Learn how to find work as an older worker.

Looking for Work in the Nonprofit Sector
Learn how to find work in the Nonprofit Sector

Networking for Employment
Find out what is networking and why it is an essential part of your job-search strategy.

Online Social Networks for Employment
Learn how to use social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to help in your job search.

Recruitment Agencies
Find out how to use recruitment agencies, which act as matchmakers, connecting qualified job seekers with companies looking to hire employees.

Understanding workplace culture

Learn More About Working in BC and Canada
Find helpful agencies and organizations.

Regions of British Columbia
Get an overview of the economic regions of BC.

Find answers to your questions about living in, immigrating to, or working in BC.

Workplace Culture
Learn the basic business etiquette rules common to most Canadian workplaces.

Protecting yourself

Avoiding Employment Scams
Keep aware of the types of job and employment scams that exist.

Creating and Protecting Your Online Identity for Job Search
Includes strategies on how to make the most of online tools, so that you will be safe and represented well.

Employment Standards in BC
Learn about the British Columbia Employment Standards Act and know what your rights as an employee are.