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Overview of Public Health Administration

Professionals in public health administration work to improve the welfare of the community at large, serving as leaders of public sector and nonprofit organizations that provide health services and share information about health and wellness. Public health administrators possess the expertise and insight necessary to manage the people, finances, and information that support public health programs and initiatives.

In BC, there are two broad sectors that comprise Public Health Administration:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Public Administration

Health Care and Social Assistance:

Health Care and Social Assistance was B.C.’s second largest employer in 2015, with 287,400 people working in this industry. This industry has a low unemployment rate and tends to be immune from economic fluctuations. Most jobs in this industry are located in the Mainland / Southwest, including Metro Vancouver (59%), Vancouver Island/Coast (20%) and Thompson-Okanagan (11%).

The Health Care and Social Assistance industry includes services that provide health care, residential care for medical or social reasons, and social assistance.

Health care establishments provide care for individuals who seek services for prevention, diagnosis or treatment from health care professionals.

Social assistance includes services such as child protection, home care, welfare, counselling, social housing and food services, and child care.

It is difficult to separate the social assistance occupations from health care occupations because many of the services provided by each are interconnected.

Sources: WorkBC, Industry Profiles: Health Care & Social Assistance, Public Health Administration Careers

In BC, health care is provided by the Ministry of Health working with seven health authorities:

Social assistance in BC is provided through several provincial ministries including:

Job Openings by Major Industry Group, BC, 2017-2027

Deatiled Industry forecast of Employment in Health Care Sector (BC)

Healthcare and Social Assistance Jobs: Expected growth in employment

Health Care & Social Assistance Employment outlook

Health Care & Social Assistance Industry Average hourly wages

Public Administration

In B.C., the Public Administration sector is made up of agencies that are engaged primarily in activities of a governmental nature. Such activities include keeping public order and safety, drafting and enacting legislation, administering and collecting taxes, working in national defence, providing immigration services, and administering government programs. Total employment in 2015 was 96,100.

Most jobs in this industry are located in the Mainland / Southwest including Metro Vancouver (57%), Vancouver Island (25%) and Thompson Okanagan (8.8%) regions.

For information on the structure of BC’s public administration, see: Government of British Columbia: Ministries & Organizations

Public Administration Jobs: Expected growth in employment

Public Administration Employment outlook 2016-2025

public administration - average hourly wages

For more information see:

Occupations in the Public Health Administration Sector

The Ministry of Health has identified the following professions in Public Health Administration as in ‘high demand’:

  • Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers
  • Managers in Social, Community and correctional services

The chart below shows additional high opportunity health care occupations in BC:

Occupations in demand in public health administration

Public Health Administration – Examples of Careers:

‘Managers in Health Care’ (NOC 0311)

These managers plan, organize and direct the delivery of health care services within a department or establishment. They consult with boards of directors and senior managers to create and maintain standards for the supplying of health care services. They develop evaluation systems to monitor the quality of health care given to patients.

Source: WorkBC Career Profile NOC0311

Managers in Health Care Hourly Earnings

managers in health care employment outlook 2016-2025

‘Health policy researchers, consultants and program officers’ (NOC 4165)

These researchers and program officers help develop government health policy by reviewing written material, collecting and analysing statistics, and providing advice to senior managers on issues such as health promotion, regulation, standards and financing.  They design and carry out health projects or programs, collect and analyse statistics provided by health-care institutions, monitor and evaluate health-care programs.

Source: WorkBC Career Profile NOC(4165)

health policy researchers, consultants, program officers hourly earnings

health policy researchers, consultants and program officers employment outlook 2016-2025

For detailed information on any of the occupations in public health administration, including job description, educational requirements for working in BC, salary, and more see:

Hiring Forecast by Region

The largest numbers of jobs in Public Health Administration are located in Metro Vancouver (Lower Mainland / Southwest BC), Vancouver Island and the Thompson-Okanagan regions.

Lower Mainland/Southwest BC Regional Employment Forecast

Ambulatory Health Care Services:

  • currently employ 52,290
  • anticipated job openings of 28,450 from 2017-2027


  • currently employ 62,110
  • anticipated job openings of 26,180 from 2017-2027

Vancouver Island / Coast BC Regional Employment Forecast

Ambulatory Health Care Services:

  • currently employ 18,250
  • anticipated job openings of 8,820 from 2017-2027


  • currently employ 19,600
  • anticipated job openings of 6,630 from 2017-2027

Source: BC Labour Market Outlook, 2017 edition

Finding Jobs

Online Job Postings

  • BC’s Provincial Health Authorities
    BC’s health authorities provide health services in all BC regions
  • BC JobConnect
    **must have permanent resident number**
    newcomers can post their skills, education and work experience to BC employers looking for workers

Creating a List of Potential Employers

You can use directories to produce lists of employers in the health care industry in British Columbia. Contact them directly to find out if they’re hiring.

  • Directory of Canadian healthcare personnel
    Available at the Central Library
    362.11025 C21a
  • Guide to Canadian health care facilities
    Available at the Central Library
    362.105 C212ca

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