Fastest-growing industries

If you are looking to start a new career in BC you can learn more about the fastest-growing industries.

The British Columbia agrifoods sector is made up of several industries: agriculture, seafood, and food and beverage processing. Learn how to find jobs in these industries.

BioTechnology & Life Sciences
BC plays an important role in the growing global life sciences industry.

BC’s construction industry will need to increase recruitment efforts to keep pace with planned projects and the retirement of more than 39,000 workers over the next decade. Learn how to find jobs working in construction here.

Digital Entertainment / Interactive Media
BC is an international digital entertainment centre for console and mobile game production, Internet, and app design. Learn how to find jobs working in this industry here.

Film & Television
BC is one of the top three international full-service production centres in North America capable of servicing all sizes and budgets of motion picture production.

Green Economy
Green jobs help reduce the impact of humans on the environment, to promote sustainability, and to encourage the efficient use of energy and resources.

Health Care
Health care workers are in demand in British Columbia. The health care industry is BC’s second largest employer. Learn more about working in this industry here.

Supply Chain
The Supply Chain sector includes all the activities that take place to get a product to its intended market. Supply Chain Management (SCM) focuses on planning and forecasting, purchasing, product assembly, moving, storing, and keeping track of a product as it flows towards consumers. There are supply chain functions in virtually all sectors of the Canadian economy.

The Tech Industry is growing by 6% per year, twice as fast as B.C.’s entire economy.  The Technology industry sector pays 75% higher wages than the average BC Worker receives.  Learn more about the industry and the  jobs that are in high demand.

The tourism industry is one of British Columbia’s most significant sectors of employment growth. Tourism accounts for 11% of British Columbia’s total labour force, with approximately 18,000 tourism related businesses employing about 260,000 workers

Canada’s transportation industry is expected to see a 31% increase in labour demand between 2010 and 2030. Labour shortages are expected to amount to over 26,000 full-year jobs by 2030.

Other Industry Profiles

Aviation & Aerospace
In BC there are 190 companies active in the aerospace sector. Aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul companies make up the majority of the local industry.

In BC, the 25 top growth industries that fuel the strong economy include technology driven sectors that need qualified engineering professionals and technologists/technicians.

The finance, insurance, real estate & leasing industry accounts for about one-quarter of B.C.’s total GDP with finance & insurance sectors accounting for 5.9%. The finance industry is projected to have 22,800 job openings over the 10-year period 2017-2027.

British Columbia has one of the largest mining sectors in Canada. Mining is also one of the highest paying industrial sectors nationwide. Learn more about working in this industry here.

Oil & Gas
There is a high demand for workers in BC’s oil and gas industry. The oil and gas sector is made up of numerous and varied occupations.

Public Health Administration
In BC, public health administration professionals work in Health Care and Social Assistance, B.C.’s second largest employer in 2015.  This industry has a low unemployment rate and tends to be immune from economic fluctuations.

Sports & Recreation
In BC, there are over 612,000 participants in organized sports and more than 500 sport facilities.  Sport tourism in BC is valued at $300 million annually and is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry.