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Waiting for Sophie

Waiting for Sophie

By Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Carmen Mok

  • Location
    Nelson Park, across from 1146 Comox, near the little garden.
Waiting for Sophie

Sarah Ellis has written more than a dozen novels and picture books for young readers. Her many honours include the Governor General’s Award, the Mr. Christie Book Award, the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Book Prize, and the prestigious Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sophie was small, but she was heavier than Liam had expected. He was very careful with his feet when he carried her through the door. He put her on the couch and unwrapped her like a present. She was practically perfect. She had toes like peanuts and ears that the sun shone through. The top of her head smelled especially nice. She smiled at Liam and held onto his finger. Finally. A baby sister. The Big Wait was over.

Carmen Mok believes life achievements come from hard work, and opportunities always come to people who are well equipped. Her previous books include Here Babies, There Babies, Look at Me Now, and Ride the Big Machines in Winter. She lives and breathes art and design, and now lives in Niagara Region, Ontario.

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