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The Red Bicycle

The Red Bicycle

By Jude Isabella; illustrated by Simone Shin

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    Plaque is on lamppost in Granview Park, 50 meters north of the intersection of Commercial Dr. & Charles St.
The Red Bicycle

Jude Isabella was the managing editor of YES Mag, Canada’s Science Magazine for Kids, and is now a journalist living in Victoria with her husband. Her writing interests include ecosystems, science, and the environment.

When Leo outgrows his bike, named Big Red, he donates it to an organization that ships it to Africa. This kind act is repeated as the bike helps out many people in their daily lives.The reader learns how a simple generous act can have a huge ripple effect.

Simone Shin lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she illustrates for children’s books and major magazines. Her young son inspires much of her whimsical, colourful art.

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