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Norman, Speak!

Norman, Speak!

By Caroline Adderson; illustrated by Qin Leng

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    Plaque is on lamppost in Renfrew Park, 50 meters south of the intersection of 20th Ave. & Nootka St.
Norman, Speak!

Originally from Alberta, Caroline Adderson lives in Vancouver with her husband and son. She has written novels, short story collections, and many books for children. Norman, Speak! is her first picture book.

This charming story about a boy and his dog will be sure to make you laugh! A young boy visits an animal shelter and selects a dog to be his pet. At home, the boy and his family quickly discover that Norman doesn’t respond to any commands. Eventually the family discovers that Norman’s communication issues stem from a language barrier—Norman “speaks” Chinese, not English! Norman’s family enrolls in a Chinese language class so that they can communicate with their loveable new pet.

Born in Shanghai to an artistic family and now living in Toronto, Qin Leng’s cute and quirky illustrations feature in books published all over the world. She is also known for her animated short films and still has a day job in the animation industry.

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