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By Cynthia Heinrichs; illustrated by Jumin Lee

  • Location
    At Sunset Park on Prince Edward St., across from Sunset Rink.

Cynthia Heinrichs was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but grew up in Vancouver, BC, where she has lived most of her life. She has worked as a nanny, an art restoration assistant, an English teacher in South Korea and a writing tutor, but her favorite jobs are aunt and writer.

The haenyo women of Jeju Island in South Korea support their families by diving for seaweed and other sea creatures. Their work is dangerous, but has honour on their island. It is Jae Hyun’s wish to one day be a haenyo, to be a mermaid, like her mother and grandmother.

Jumin Lee is a communication designer from South Korea who also illustrates and writes stories. Mermaids is her second children’s book illustration, and is a gift to her mother’s grandniece. She lives in Vancouver on the shore of the Pacific Ocean where she likes to swim.

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