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Maggie’s Chopsticks

Maggie’s Chopsticks

By Alan Woo; illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant

  • Location
    At Woodland Park at Georgia St. & Woodland Dr.

Alan Woo was born in England, but came to Canada when he was a young boy, and grew up in Vancouver, where he still lives. He always wanted to be a writer, and gets his inspiration from his Chinese-Canadian heritage, friends and family, reading lots of books, going to live theatre, meeting new people, traveling and playing with cats!

Maggie is trying to learn how to use chopsticks and it seems that everyone in her family has an opinion about the right way to hold them. This beautifully illustrated story shows how a young child finds her voice within a multigenerational family.

Isabelle Malenfant has a bachelor degree in graphic design, but never was a graphic designer because she fell in love with illustration in the first place. She likes to mix mediums such as watercolour, pastels and charcoal to create poetic and sensitive worlds. Isabelle lives and works in Montreal with her little family.

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