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Liam Takes a Stand

Liam Takes a Stand

By Troy Wilson, illustrated by Josh Holinaty

  • Location
    General Brock Park, at Wenonah and Brock
Liam takes a Stand

Troy Wilson was born in Port Alberni, BC and currently lives in Victoria. He is best known as the author of the acclaimed picture book Perfect Man, and he has also written numerous kids’ stories for Chirp, Chickadee, and Highlights for Children.

Liam’s Apple Avenue opened for business. His music was soft, and his smile was inviting. He added a hint of ginger to his juice. He sprinkled a dash of cinnamon. He posted a sign that said “FRESH FROM THIS AVENUE’S FINEST APPLES”.

Josh Holinaty was raised in Alberta and now works out of Toronto, Ontario. He’s worked on a variety of illustration projects, such as poster design, walls, ads, and more. He has illustrated a few children’s books such as A Beginner’s guide to Immortality.

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