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Hungry for Math : Poems to Munch On

Hungry for Math : Poems to Munch On

By Kari-Lynn Winters and Lori Sherritt-Fleming; illustrated by Peggy Collins

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    At Cooper' Park on the south side of 1000 block of Marinaside Crescent.
Hungry for Math

Kari-Lynn Winters is an award-winning picture book author, playwright, and scholar who enjoys being in the classroom in any of these capacities. She holds a position at Brock University as an associate professor of drama-in-education and literacy.

Lori Sherritt-Fleming – from a family of Seanchai (sean-a-hees or Irish storytellers), Lori derives inspiration from stories hailing from an oral tradition or from personal experience. She uses theatre, storytelling and rhythm to encourage young people to make active and creative connections to literature.

This rollicking book of poetry reminds us that math is everywhere. Rhombuses, estimates, symmetry, patterns, shapes, skip-counting, money and sums are poetically presented in engaging verses that delight as well as teach mathematical concepts.

Peggy Collins is an award winning children’s author/illustrator/crafty mama living in Forest Mills, Ontario. She has illustrated over 20 books for children. She is a mother of two, a college professor and has recently moved into a brand new studio built by her wonderful partner.

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