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Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure

Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure

By Valerie Wyatt; illustrated by Dave Whamond

  • Location
    At Columbia Park at W. 42nd Ave. & Alberta St.
Boy Meets Dog

Valerie Wyatt lives in Victoria, and has written more than 14 books, with a special focus on science topics. She wrote for OWL Magazine and worked as an editor before taking up writing books full-time.

This book of wordplay shows how changing words one letter at a time can create wonderful, and often hilarious, surprises. As readers are drawn into the game, this energetic and interactive book tells the story of one wacky town’s ever-changing residents.

Dave Whamond has been a writer and illustrator for as long as he can remember and has written and/or illustrated over twenty-five books. Dave lives in Calgary with his wife, two kids and very enthusiastic dog. Every day he gets to wake up and do exactly what he loves for a living.

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