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Literary Landmarks

Literary Landmarks

  • Author: Mary
  • Date Posted: May 1, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Vancouver, BC, Canada


Literary Landmarks…the intersection of notable authors, their compelling stories and the unique geography of our communities. As of March 2015, there are 26 permanent Literary Landmark plaques installed on lampposts across Vancouver. Explore this interactive map to learn about our rich literary landscape, and to connect with the published work of these exceptional writers.

“Way back when, I wrote a book for Vancouver’s centennial in 1986 called Vancouver & Its Writers: A Guide to Vancouver Literary Landmarks. At the time, the city had only the Pauline Johnson memorial in Stanley Park so I allocated sites around the city for fiction writers. It was an exercise in wishful thinking. There were no plaques — it was just an idea to propagate an awareness that we have a rich literary history.

“Twenty years later, the leadership of Vancouver Public Library and Dr. Yosef Wosk has resulted in twenty-six landmarks, with more to come.

“This progress makes me think of some lines at the end of a satirical poem that Earle Birney wrote here in 1947: “no Whitman wanted / it’s by our lack of ghosts / we’re haunted.” Now our city literally boasts thousands of authors and B.C. easily qualifies as one of the most active literary societies on the planet.

“This is progress as much as skyscrapers and high property values.”

— Alan Twigg, BC BookWorld

About the Collection

The collection of landmarks was curated by Alan Twigg, publisher of BC BookWorld. Alan also wrote the text for all but one of the landmarks.