Vancouver Inspiration Pass Q&As

Who Can Participate?

Using the Pass:

Placing a Hold on a Pass:

Borrowing the Pass:

Other Questions:

Who Can Participate?

  • The pass says it’s for families, but what if you’re single or want to bring friends?

Group limits for the program indicate the maximum number of adults, youth and/or children allowed in your group.

You are welcome to check out the venues on your own or invite your spouse, your family, friends, etc. to join you as long as the maximum number of people in your party does not exceed the group limit of  four people.

You do not have to have the maximum number of people in your party in order to use the pass. However, if your party exceeds the group limit, extra guests will be charged admission to the venue.

Please note that the pass is not transferable. Pass-holders must be present for the pass to be valid.

  • I’d like to bring my grandchildren with me, but they live in a different municipality. Does everyone in my group have to be a Vancouver resident?

No, members of your group may live in another household or municipality. Only the pass-holder must be a Vancouver resident.

  • Can Vancouver Public Library card holders living outside of Vancouver borrow the pass?

Owing to restrictions and agreements with program partners, at this time the pass can only be borrowed by Vancouver residents aged 14 year and older.

  • Can companies use their company card to place a hold on a pass?

Passes can only be checked out to individual Vancouver residents.

  • I live in Vancouver but the online library catalogue won’t let me place a hold on a pass. What do I do?

Please call the library’s help line at 604-331-3603 or visit any VPL branch for assistance.

Please note: If you registered for a library card online, you will need to finalize your registration in person at any VPL branch before you can place a hold on the pass.

Using the Pass:

  • If there is a place you really like, can you go more than once?

You may visit each of the participating organizations once during the two-week loan period. This includes a visit to one Vancouver Park Board swimming pool, one fitness centre, one golf course and one ice rink of your choice. Please confirm a venue’s hours of operation prior to your visit.

  • How do they keep track of how many times you’ve been to the swimming pool?

Staff at participating venues will mark or stamp the pass to indicate that it has been used at that location.

  • If I lose my pass, or pass checkout receipt, can it be replaced?

Sorry, lost passes or checkout receipts cannot be reissued.

  • How many venues can I visit with the pass?

There are more than twenty amazing venues that you can visit during your pass loan period and how many you visit during your pass loan period is up to you. Some participants prefer to check out a few new and interesting places or activities they have never tried before, while others try to visit as many venues as possible. It’s all up to you!

Placing a Hold on a Pass:

  • Can I put a hold at one library branch and pick it up at another location?

Each pass is assigned to a specific library branch. The pass cannot be transferred to another location. It must be picked up the branch at which you placed the hold.

  • Can someone place a hold on a pass at several locations at the same time or are they only allowed to place a hold on a pass at one location at a time?

You can only have one hold request for the Inspiration Pass on your library card at any time.

  • Can everyone in my family place a hold on a Pass?

All Vancouver residents aged 14 years and older with a valid VPL card may place a hold on a pass.

  • Can I make sure I get the pass at a specific time?

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure you get the pass at a specific time. You can, however, check to see where you are on the wait list from your VPL account and pause or resume your pass request any time BEFORE your two-week notification.

An inactive or paused request is bypassed until it is re-activated – which means you would not receive a notification for the request until you change the status of your request by resuming it. You can learn how to pause and resume your library holds here.

Please note that this does not necessarily guarantee when you will receive the pass.

  • If I set my hold on the Pass to “paused” and then resume it at the time when I want it, will that ensure that I get it at that time?

Not necessarily. Pass availability depends on where your name appears in the hold queue.

Important Note: If you plan to change the status of your hold on the pass to “paused” you must do so BEFORE you are notified by the library about picking it up. Once notification has been sent, the pass will be automatically checked out to your library card.

  • Can I set my request on the Pass to ‘paused’ and then resume it after I have been contacted by the Library about picking up my pass?

No. Once you have been contacted by the Library about picking up your pass, you cannot change the status of your hold and the pass will be automatically checked out to your library card.

Borrowing the Pass:

  • Do I need my library card to pick up the pass?

Yes. If you’ve misplaced your library card, the library can re-issue you another one for $2. Please ask for help at any VPL branch.

  • How long do I have to wait before I can borrow the pass again?

You can borrow the pass once per calendar year.

  • If I can have a pass once a year, how does that work if I am already going to be waiting until 2015 to pick up the first pass?

The wait time to borrow the pass begins once you have checked out the pass. For example, if you borrowed the pass from February 14 to 27, 2014, you would not be eligible to borrow the pass again until 2015.

General Questions:

  • How many passes are available?

There are 140 passes available for loan every two weeks – 20 are available through the Central Library downtown, and six passes are available at each of VPL branches across the city.

  • It’s great the pass is popular, but the hold list is huge. Why can’t you add more passes?

Response to the pass has been tremendous. Unfortunately, owing to the agreements with our partners we are unable to further expand the program at this time.

We are working hard to ensure that eligible patrons receive passes as quickly as possible, so that as many resident as possible can enjoy this outstanding program. Given the strong interest and limited number of passes, however, some patrons will experience a wait before a pass becomes available. We appreciate your patience.

  • How long is the program scheduled to run? I’m worried that it will end before I get my Pass.

We anticipate that the Vancouver Inspiration Pass program will be ongoing. Any changes to the program’s availability will be announced on the Vancouver Inspiration Pass website.

  • How can my organization become a Vancouver Inspiration Pass partner venue?

Please contact the library at

  • How can I share my ideas or feedback about the program?

The library is continually evaluating the program and working on improvements. Participant feedback is an important part of that process. Please share your comments and suggestions at

Got more questions about the Vancouver Inspiration Pass program or Vancouver Public Library? Please call 604-331-3603 or email