About Us

InfoAction was established as a fee-based research service in 1996 by Vancouver Public Library in order to expand access to information in a cost-effective manner to a segment of the public interested in enhanced services. Our clients include law and securities firms, engineering and environmental firms, small and medium-sized businesses, and individuals. We specialize in corporate due diligence, city directory searches, and market research.

InfoAction operates on a cost-recovery model. Any profit made is used to support library services and programs.

We are located on the fifth floor of Vancouver Public Library’s Central Library in downtown Vancouver, B.C.

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For more information, please contact us by phone at 604-331-3612 or by email at infoaction@vpl.ca.

I've had occasion to use InfoAction's services for document delivery, general research, and due diligence searches. In my experience, InfoAction's services have been outstanding: always professional, expedient, and exceedingly thorough. The information they've provided me with over the years, has been invaluable to me and my company.
David B. Clark, President
BC Event Management Inc.

Meet the Team

Jade Reed

Jade Reed, BA, MLIS, Manager

Jade joined InfoAction in 2018 after 6 years working in the Library Vendor sector where she provided total information solutions to libraries and corporate clients across Australia, New Zealand, and Western Canada. In addition to her past role as a Librarian at Vancouver Public Library, Jade has lead marketing and property management teams in the real estate sector. Jade is passionate about public libraries and is committed to ensuring excellent customer service to clients with unique research and corporate needs. Jade completed her Masters of Library Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

Patti Wotherspoon

Patti Wotherspoon, Assistant Manager

Patti has over 15 years experience as an information specialist with InfoAction. She is experienced in providing research on a wide variety of topics including business, legal, environmental, and historical information. Her areas of specialization include market research and due diligence background searches. She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Master of Library and Information Studies program.

Susan Huber, Information Specialist
Susan has been an Information Specialist in InfoAction since 2003. She is experienced in many subject areas including engineering, business, law, and health. Susan provides due diligence research and also enjoys working on historical research using the ‘hidden treasures’ of Vancouver Public Library. Prior to joining InfoAction, Susan worked in corporate and research and development libraries including BC Hydro and ICBC. Susan is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, receiving both her Master of Library Science and her Bachelor of Arts degrees there.

Kelly Erickson, Library Technician
Kelly has more than 10 years of experience at Vancouver Public Library. She has worked in several divisions and branches within the library and has worked for InfoAction since 2010. Kelly’s areas of expertise include Interlibrary Loans, conducting environmental due diligence searches using city directories, and performing genealogical searches.