The Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre is an online and in-person resource centre that helps newcomers to Canada find the information they need to get a job or explore careers. All of our services and resources are free and are created by staff at Vancouver Public Library (VPL).

What we do

We help you find the information you need to start working in British Columbia (B.C.). We offer Employment Guides that include:

  • labour market outlook
  • wages/salary information
  • industry associations
  • employment outlook
  • credential evaluation links
  • industry journals
  • industry websites

We also have many other guides that offer Career Advice on topics such as:

  • networking
  • workplace culture
  • getting Canadian work experience
  • avoiding employment scams
  • internships and mentorships

We offer free Employment Programs and we can recommend government agencies, professional associations, and any other institutions or organizations that may help with job searching, resume writing or assessing your credentials.

How to reach us

If you cannot find the information that you’re looking for on this website, call us at 604-331-3603.