How to Get Your Pass

To borrow a Vancouver Inspiration Pass, you must be a Vancouver resident aged 14 years or older with a valid Vancouver Public Library card.

Using your library card, you can place a hold on the Vancouver Inspiration Pass via the library’s online catalogue. If you’re not sure how to do this, please ask for assistance at any library branch or call 604-331-3603.

If you do not have a library card, you can apply for a FREE card online or at any Vancouver Public Library branch. After applying online, you must visit a VPL branch to pick up your new card – and then you can use your library card to  place a hold on the Pass.

Please note that you may only have one hold request for the Inspiration Pass on your library card at any time.

Passes cannot be transferred to another location and must be picked up at the owning branch. All pass borrowers must be Vancouver residents; unfortunately, residents from outside the City of Vancouver are not eligible to participate in the Inspiration Pass program.


Picking Up Your Pass

One week before your pass is available, the library will contact you by email or phone – you can pick up your pass and start using it on the first day it’s valid.

Your pass will be automatically checked out to you – and will become valid – at the start of the borrowing period; the pass will automatically expire two weeks from that date. We recommend that you pick up your pass on the first day of the loan, that way you’ll have the most time possible to enjoy the participating attractions and venues. If you can’t pick up your pass on the first day, don’t worry – it’ll still be available, but the sooner you pick it up the more you’ll be able to use it.

Here’s an example:

If a Vancouver Inspiration Pass is available for you from the period of Nov. 15 to 28, we would notify you on Nov. 8 (one week ahead of time) that your pass is ready for pick-up.

You can use your pass any time during the two weeks from Nov. 15 to 28. If you pick it up on Nov. 15, you can enjoy it for the entire borrowing period. If you pick it up on Nov. 20, for instance, you can enjoy it for the remainder of the borrowing period.

Hint:  Pick up your pass as soon as you can so you are able to enjoy it for the full two weeks.

For more information about Vancouver Public Library or the Vancouver Inspiration program, contact us at 604-331-3603 or